Comments on the film Darkest Hour

The response to a tweet about the film Darkest Hour has been better than what I am used to. :)

There are times when I HATE Twitter. In this case I retweeted related helpful comments, that seem to have gotten lost in the shuffle. So, I am going to repost those comments here.


  1. Watch the film The Darkest Hour, parts of which are fictional, members of Churchill’s war cabinet wanted to negotiate a peace with Adolph. Churchill understood that Adolph was evil, like Vlad. So he came up with his — “We shall fight them on the beaches … we shall never surrender.” speech.
  2. This is the segment of Churchill on the tube. It’s fictional. Churchill has just gotten the job as PM, and is wondering if he should negotiate a peace with Hitler. Dunkirk just happened, bringing home approximately 340,000 troops for the defense of GB. May-June, 1940.
  3. This is the scene between the Underground scene, and the scene where Churchill tells Parliament “We shall never surrender.” He’s speaking before a group of MPs in his party, telling them the people he just met on the Underground said “never” to a peace treaty.
  4. The very well done reenactment of Churchill’s speech before parliament is here: There are numerous parallels btwn GB & UKR, fighting a fascist, alone …
  5. Also, read “Nein” by Ashdown. A significant conspiracy — by very top officers in the Ger military — was ready to kill Hitler if Chamberlain had declared war just after the invasion of Sudetenland, CZ . WW II would have been over in a couple of days. Chamberlain was told about this conspiracy, but chose to go to Munich instead. There are times when appeasement does not work.
  6. “Darkest Hour” is on US Netflix. “Winter on Fire” is also on US Netflix. It’s a documentary about the 2013–14 Maidan Revolution, which was/is about UKR joining the EU. As a documentary, the film is good. What the UKR people did is absolutely astonishing. Solidarity, courage, smarts & organization are qualities we see now.




Programmer. Election wonk. Co-Chair: Author: Speak Francais, Deutsch & a little English.

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Jim Soper

Jim Soper

Programmer. Election wonk. Co-Chair: Author: Speak Francais, Deutsch & a little English.

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